Endoscopy Rooms


Both the endoscopy rooms and cleansing room are maintained at negative pressure. The cleansing room was constructed with the advice of our contractor Olympus, with the new models of endoscope reprocessors being used. To prevent cross infection, our endoscopic apparatus such as the hot biopsy forceps and the polypectomy snares are all disposable. Besides, advanced apparatus and technologies including the ultra slim 5mm transnasal endoscopy, narrow band imaging (NBI)auto fluorescence imaging (AFI), enteroscopy, capsule endoscopy and endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) are also introduced in the centre.

To provide an optimal medical service, we have lately introduced Olympus HQ 290 endoscopic series which is already in operation. The whole system provides a more ingenious result and advanced medical efficacy compared with the previous ones. The dual focus, auto pressure water jet and the 170° wide-angle technique not just offer high definition images, but also enable doctors to easily pick up the hidden polyps. All these functions complete each other and give the best performance at the endoscopic level.