ENT examination microscopes


The Specialists employs the unique ENT examination microscopes that can provide an optimal and smooth positioning optic diagnosis to ensure ergonomic and three-dimensional imaging.

The microscope with the shape of handle allows comfortable holding, rapid and precise application on patients and connection with the integrated Vision video system through the adaptation of commercially available C-mount cameras to the utilization of existing endoscopic cameras via endocoupler. It features the simple and rapid replacement of the lenses (in 50 mm succession) and of the eyepieces, manual 40 mm fine focusing, various magnification systems (3-step or 5-step or manual Zoom 1-6 fold) to choose from, and a selection of lighting systems (cold light or direct halogen illumination).

For safety reasons, the centre ensures the stable installation of the microscopes in connection with ENT treatment unit by mounting on walls.




The Specialists introduces the OPMI PENTERO 800 from ZEISS to assist our ENT doctor in the day surgeries. This advanced microscope can produce sharp images, optimize the efficiency of procedure, and provide better handling.

The surgical microscope has an HD video imaging system which is equipped with apochromatic optics. It features 3-step magnification changer that can produce video images with optimized definition and colour rendition for high-end surgical imaging.

The integrated video for surgical microscopes can generate images for information, documentation, teaching and presentation purposes. The interactive touch system enables the doctor to have direct access to the surgical microscope functions, including patient data.


ENT Treatment Unit


The high-quality ENT therapy is highlighted by the ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation to offer structured and integrated diagnosis.

The ear irrigation features the caloric stimulation of the vestibular organ with the automatic switching and the ear rinsing bowl in connection with optional, separate suction channel. Only the ear irrigation bowl with integrated sieve (hole diameter 1 mm at a maximum) may be used. The docking can be automatically activated when the suction hose is removed due to its light sensor control system.

The station features the compressed-air system to fulfill the hygienic use of medication sprayers with single-handed adaptation of the sprayer bottles and the automatic switching.

We also introduce the LED headlight that provides maximum illumination under the white light LED and LED light handle without conducting cable. The headlight can be fully mobile with the use of the rechargeable lithium-ionic battery pack.

The workstation provides our doctor with the perfect working area that arranges properly the diagnostic devices. There is an instrument tray with a heating module for instrument pre-heating to body temperature to offer a relaxing diagnostic experience for patients. Regular disinfection and cleaning of the storage quivers is guaranteed by professionals to maintain a high standard of hygiene.