Health Check and Diagnostic Imaging

Low-pain Mammogram


Mammography is a high resolution X-Ray imaging of breasts. It is a very common imaging procedure for breast cancer screening program.


MAMMOMAT Inspiration, is an advance mammography system which allows less dose with uncompromised image quality. To minimize patients’ discomfort, the system will stop compressing patient`s breast when it can detect and obtain the optimal quality image. The whole procedure only takes very few seconds. The Personalized OpDose system optimally sets exposure parameters for each breast and ensures the right dose. It selects the best anode/filter combination depending on breast thickness, density and institution specific definitions.

*The whole process is operated by female radiographer, reducing the discomfort.

Body parts that can be imaged

Examination Process

In order to get a high image quality and reduce radiation dose, patients are not allowed to use deodorants, lotions or powder. During the procedures, patient`s breast will be compressed between a plastic paddler and an X-Ray film holder (Patient may feel discomfort due to compression), then x-ray images of patient`s breast from different angles will be taken. It only takes a few second for each view. The images will then be interpreted by radiologist. It usually takes about 15 mins to half an hour for the examination.


  • Please notify our staff if you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant.
  • Do not apply any deodorant lotion and powder before the examination.

Appointment Making

Please make appointment. Please bring old films and reports at time of examination for comparison.