Arthroscopic Knee Meniscus Surgery

This surgery is performed to treat knee meniscus tear. Knee menisci are two crescent-shaped cartilages located at the inner side and the outer side of knee respectively. The menisci can stabilize the knee joint, buffer pressure and absorb shock. The menisci may be torn if the knee is overloaded or the knee is rotated suddenly. The torn menisci may dislocate and affect knee movement. Sometimes, extent of tear will intensify. The surgery can repair torn menisci. If the tear is serious, remodeling and removal of the torn area is needed. Patients may consider artificial meniscal reconstruction.


Knee Arthroscopy (e.g. Plica Excision, Chondroplasty etc.)

This surgery is performed to treat knee joint pathological problems such as plica syndrome, jumper’s knee, patella dislocation, loose bodies and knee osteoarthritis. During the surgery, the surgeon will insert an arthroscope into the knee joint. The arthroscope will project images of knee joint structure in a monitor. The surgeon will start treatment by observing the images.


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