Joint Injection


General Joint Injection

Medication used in general joint jnjection include steroid, hyaluronic acid and osteoporosis medicine. Steroid has properties of pain relief and anti-inflammation. It can be used to treat joint pain induced by injury or inflammation. Hyaluronic acid can lubricant joint and prevent joint degeneration and related pain. Osteoporosis medicine contains specific protein to inhibit bone mass loss and thus slow down development of osteoporosis.


Platelet Rich Plasma Procedure (PRP)

Platelet is an important component participating in blood clotting. The principle of platelet rich plasma procedure is to use patients’ own platelet to promote healing process of injured bone or soft tissues. The procedure requires extraction of blood sample from patients. The blood sample will be put into a centrifuge to separate platelet rich plasma from other components. The platelet rich plasma will then be injected into injured tissues.


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