Our centre uses ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM of Olympus. This small-intestine endoscopy system possesses a 160o-wide angle of view and produces extremely high-quality images for fast, efficient and precise examinations.

Capsule endoscopy practices with a CCD (charged coupled device) to visualize the condition of the digestive tract. Pictures will be taken as the capsule passes through and transmitted to a small recording device patient is wearing on his/her body. Unlike general endoscopic procedure, images can be captured without inserting endoscope through patient's mouth or anus. Patients only need to swallow the pill-sized capsule endoscope (11mm x 26mm) and practice their activities as normal. There is no discomfort during the procedure.

  • Fast for 8 hours prior to undergo the Capsule Endoscopy
  • A senor array will be attached on patient's waist which help transmitting the signals to the data recorder
  • Patient then ingest the capsule with small amount of water
  • Normally, the capsule will stay 2 hours in the stomach and takes 3-4 hours to go through the small intestine. You may take clear fluids under doctor's instruction during that time.
  • The capsule will capture the images along the gastrointestinal tract and transmit them to the sensor array, data will be recorded. It takes about 2 hours for doctor to review all the images.
  • The capsule will be discharged in 24 hours.