Olympus HQ 290

To upgrade our services, we have lately installed Olympus 2013 HQ 290 endoscopic series which is already in operation on 20 July. The dual focus, auto pressure water jet and the 170° wide-angle technique not just offer high definition images, but also enable doctors to easily pick up the hidden polyps, offering a higher efficacy and accuracy of the procedure.

As a token of our gratitude for your continual support and trust to The Specialists, we promise the service charges will currently remain unchanged to provide you with comprehensive and attentive medical care. Small steps for better health! Time to have an early endoscopy test!

Olympus 260 Olympus HQ 290

Field of View

140° view vs. 170° wide-angle

The 170° wide-angle technique covers an even larger area in the colon for doctors to easily pick up those hidden polyps. Compared with the previous 140° technique, such advanced and enhanced quality enables doctors to detect those flat and minute lesions in the hidden positions more easily. This further increases the efficiency and efficacy of the procedure.

170° wide angle


The techniques are further enhanced in the HQ 290 series. With the application of NBI and dual focus, a more vibrant outcome is generated. Polypectomy and biopsy will be performed for any lesion under such a clear-cut observation.

260 HQ290

Narrow Band Imaging, NBI

All our endoscopes are equipped with NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) function. While the improved NBI technology offers twice the viewable distance than the previous one, projecting a more clear-cut observation for any lesion with abnormal blood vessels and mucosa.

260 NBI 290 NBI

Dual Focus

The Dual Focus is one of the unique optical innovations in the HQ 290 series. With a simple push of a scope button, the desired depth of field for observation can be optimized to either the near or normal version. Together with the processor, it generates a definitely high resolution outcome.

290 Normal Focus 290 Near Focus