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256-Slice Dual-Source Computed Tomography (CT)


Computed Tomography‭ (‬CT‭) ‬makes use of X-Ray tubes‭ (‬the source‭) ‬and corresponding detectors oriented in the gantry‭, ‬finally forms‭ ‬images by sophisticated computerization‭. ‬CT can provide high-resolution images which are helpful in indicating the tumour size‭ ‬and location‭.‬


Examination Process


The examination time takes 15 - 30 minutes, depending on body region. Before examination, the radiographer will explain the procedure and ask for patient's medical history. He/she will also instruct the patient how to hold their breath for the examination. If contrast agents are needed, the patient may feel a warm sensation throughout their body during injection. During examination, the patient needs to lay on the table and move into the bore. 


Preparations for Examination


  • Please make an appointment. Please bring the latest relevant old films and reports (e.g. X-rays, MRI, CT Scans, etc.) at the time of examination for comparison.
  • Please notify our staff if you are pregnant or suspected that you are pregnant when you make an appointment.
  • Please take off all accessories including earrings, watches and necklaces before the examination.



Preparations for Plain CT Scan


  • For all CT Scan(Plain), normal diet is recommended.



Preparations for Contrast CT Scan


  • Fasting for 4 hours prior to the examination, except drinking water.
  • For patients with diabetes:
    Please notify our staff with three days in advance and please bring in your medicines on the exam day. If there is a fasting requirement prior to the CT scan, please stop taking the medicines.
  • For patient who is 60 years old or above, with renal disease or had kidney operation, or currently receiving Metformin, a rapid test of serum creatinine is recommended prior to examination. Exempted patients include those who have renal function report with normal rental function within 30 days before the scheduled examination. The rapid test charges HK$200.
  • For the patient with Asthma or Any Allergies:
    Please notify our staff 3 days before scheduled appointment for examination. Oral Steroid (40mg Prednisolone at 12 hours before and 40mg Prednisolone at 2 hours before examination) should be prescribed by referring doctor on the day prior to the examination. If you do not have oral steroid, Hydrocortisone will be injected on the day of examination. Charge is HK$300



Preparations for CT Colonography


  • Patients need to drink the sachets of laxatives as instructed by doctor prior to the CT colonoscopy. Poor bowel preparation may invalidate colonoscopy. If you have not received the laxatives from your referring doctor, you should consult our specialist prior to the exam.



Additional Preparation for CT Coronary Angiogram


  • Please avoid the following items within 24 hours before the examination: cigarettes, pain killer which contains Caffeine, Viagra or Levitra.
  • Special note:
    The entire cardiac scan requires the patient having a good and steady heart rate. To optimize the image quality, the patient's heart rate will be monitored before examination. If our medical staff recognise patient’s current condition is not suitable for examination, the doctor will make an assessment of his/her condition before deciding to prescribe an oral medicine (for controlling the heart rate). There is an extra charge for prescribed medicines. It takes at least 30–60 minutes to take effect. Please reserve 1-2 hours for the examination. 
  • Patients with hypertension or who are taking blood pressure medicines can take the medicines as usual.