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Operating Theatre

  • Operation Theatre at positive pressure with disinfectant solutions
  • Air exchange rate not lower than 25ACH, and the air pressure not lower than 25 Pa
  • Regular maintenance 4 times per year


The operating theatre is featured up to the standard of htm2025/htm03-01, with the air exchange rate and the air pressure not lower than 25ACH and 25 Pa respectively. Under the system of htm2025/htm03-01, we have also fulfilled the requirement of keeping the airborne microbe not higher than 10CFU/m² with a figure of only 2CFU/m². Besides, our operating theatre, endoscopy rooms, apparatus cleansing room and also the autoclave room are all in line with the standards of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The international recognitions give us confidence to achieve even better and offer clients quality patient centered service.

Regular maintenance will be performed by the professional contractor at least 4 times per annum to ensure the safety of the operating theater reaches international standard.