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Anesthesiology is the practice of medicine dedicated to assist physician for provided comprehensive care of patients before, during, and after surgery. It may mininise the stress response to the operation or procedure to allow the patient to make the best recovery.


Roles and responsibilities of the anaesthesiologist


1. Record type and amount of anesthesia and patient condition throughout procedure

Anesthesiologist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the patient's health before operation, including medical history, drug sensitivity, previous surgery record etc. confer with other medical professionals to determine type and method of anesthetic or sedation to render patient insensible pain, coordinating them with other medical activities and formulating plans and procedures. 


Coordinate administration of anesthetics with surgeons during operation


Anesthesiologist will examine patient, obtain medical history and use diagnostic risk during surgical, obstetrical, and other medical procedured. They will also provide care and consultation in many settings, prescribing medication and treatment and referring patients for surgery.

3. Monitor patient before, during, and after anesthesia and counteract adverse reactions or complications

Anesthesiologist have to decide when patients have recovered or stabilized enough to be sent to another room or ward or to be sent home following outptient surgery.