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Official Statement: Beware of Phone Fraud

The Specialists Official Statement: Beware of Phone Fraud


Our centre has recently received reports from the public that a fraudulent organization is randomly calling citizens and promoting genetic testing, physical examinations, and other services under the name "The Specialists" in an attempt to deceive patients/public. Our center hereby solemnly declares:


"The Specialists" has never and will never make phone sales and promotions to any patients/customers or non-customers. Do not trust any phone promotions under the name of "The Specialists".

This website is the only official website of "The Specialists". Please be aware and do not trust any messages sent through unofficial channels.


The following is the address and contact information of " The Specialists ":




5th Floor, Grand Plaza, Mong Kok (Day-Endoscopy Centre)
6th Floor, Grand Plaza, Mong Kok (Day-surgery Centre)
20th Floor, Office Tower one, Grand Plaza, Mong Kok (Outpatient, Imaging Diagnostic, Health Check Department)


Official contact information:


24-hour hotline: 3405 8288
WhatsApp: 6053 2278
Email: info@specialists.hk



In addition to the above addresses, our center does not have any branch stores. If you receive any promotion calls/messages claiming to be from " The Specialists " or have any questions regarding the above matters, please contact our staff.