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Gallstones and Gallbladder Disease

The pear-shaped gallbladder lies beneath the liver. It stores a green liquid called bile, which is produced by the liver to help the body digest fats and other substances. When we eat, bile is released from the gallbladder into the intestines.
Liver Disease

Ganglion cysts: Lumps on Your Wrist or Hand

Ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled swelling that usually develops over the back of the hand or wrist. It can appear as a firm cyst swelling or as a tense, solid-feeling hard mass.
Bone and muscle

Anesthesia drug is more than an injection: A myth of anesthesia safety

什麼是麻醉?麻醉是運用麻醉藥物對中樞神經做出不同程度的抑壓,以減低病人對手術的恐懼,亦有助醫生在手術期間病人較為安全地做手術。麻醉方式有許多種,醫師會依手術方式、手術時間長短、病人的身體狀況來評估選擇。常用的麻醉方式有全身麻醉、脊髓麻醉、硬膜外麻醉(俗稱半身麻醉)、神經阻斷術、局部麻醉、監察麻醉等等。 More

Breast problems and breast cancer: Should you worry?

Common breast problems include breast lumps, breast pain and nipple discharge. Many women are alarmed and think of breast cancer when they discover any discomfort in their breasts. And in fact, most breast problems are caused by physiological changes.

How Are Breast Fibroadenomas Formed?

Fibroadenomas are benign (non-cancerous) tumours of the breasts. Fibroadenomas can appear as single or multiples. They can occur in one side or both sides of the breasts at the same time.